1440 Chilling Holiday Themed Horror Writing Prompts

Hey! Welcome back. Let’s wrap up 2021 with ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY different ideas for a story! Instead of simple writing prompts we’re mixing it up. This post is similar to my 3120 Jaw-Dropping Thriller & Horror Writing Prompts post, but instead of choosing a plot twist, you’re going to set your storyContinue reading “1440 Chilling Holiday Themed Horror Writing Prompts”

20 Epic Fairy Tale Writing Prompts

Hey! Welcome back. Today we’re checking out some writing prompts with a twist. In his Masterclass, Neil Gaiman discusses alternate history books; those that ask the question ‘what if’. What if Germany had won World War Two? What if JFK hadn’t been assassinated? What if Hilary Clinton had become president? There’s a great list ofContinue reading “20 Epic Fairy Tale Writing Prompts”