The 1 Thing We’re Bringing To 2021

Hey! Welcome back to my blog.  2020 was a tough year but whatever battles you fought, you made it to 2021! Take a minute to toast yourself… Now let’s talk about the energy we’re bringing into this year.  Before we start I’m going to admit something; I was scared to write this post.  Why? IContinue reading “The 1 Thing We’re Bringing To 2021”

4 Ways To Successfully Develop Your Characters

Hey! Welcome back to my blog.  Today I’m going to be exploring examples of how to successfully develop your characters. Last week we looked at 16 things we can learn from Stephen King about writing.  Under characterization we noted that ‘to build realistic characters you need to pay attention to how real people behave andContinue reading “4 Ways To Successfully Develop Your Characters”