While I have a keen interest in the thriller, horror, and young adult genres, I will gladly undertake the journey of editing other genres. Please contact me to see if we are a good fit!

My services include two types of editing, which are normally carried out prior to final typesetting. I also offer proofreading, which should be done after your manuscript is typeset. Depending on your needs, you may select one service or choose to combine several. The following is a breakdown of the different services and my high-level responsibilities under each; please contact me for a quote.

Developmental Editing

This takes into account your overall content and how each part of your work fits together. During this edit, I will examine:

  • The organisation of your manuscript, both as a whole and as individual chapters contributing to the overall work
  • The overall structure of your manuscript
  • The flow, momentum and pacing used
  • Writing techniques utilised
  • Character development
  • Plot, and that all chapters contribute to your final goal
  • The use of a consistent voice, tone, and language that are appropriate for your target audience
  • Suggestions for improvement

Line & Copy Editing

While some editors chose to offer these two types of editing as separate services, I offer them as one in order to ensure both cost and time efficiency for my clients. This editing covers how you communicate your story. Line editing focuses on all the small pieces that make up the big picture and the general style of your manuscript, while copy editing drills down to the more technical aspects of writing. During this edit I will focus on:

  • Writing techniques utilised
  • Ensuring dialogue is engaging
  • Sentence length, flow, and rhythm
  • Reducing over-used words and clichés
  • Identifying and suggesting possible changes to unclear passages and transitions
  • Consistency in point of view, perspective, and tense
  • The overall mood, voice, and tone of your manuscript

I will also:

  • Review grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, and formatting
  • Flag areas that may contain possible copyright issues
  • Identify discrepancies and factual inconsistencies
  • Offer suggestions for improving overall clarity and conciseness of writing
  • Ensure adherence to your unique writer’s voice is maintained
  • Review your book blurb and author bio


This is done after editing and typesetting, and covers final touch-ups prior to publishing. During proofreading I will:

  • Review grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Undertake simple formatting
  • Review your book blurb and author bio

Disclaimer: While I endeavour to ensure every manuscript is error-free, I cannot guarantee your manuscript will be perfect.